Improvisation artistic residency #tuscanymusicrevolution

Violinist Virginia Sutera and pianist Ermanno Novali, with the percussionist Lorenzo D’Erasmo and clarinetist Michele Mazzini, from July 19th to 22th 2019 at “Il podere il Terzo” in Buonconvento, Tuscany, organized an unprecedented artistic residence, named #tuscanymusicrevolution

tuscanymusicrevolution residenza artistica Buonconvento luglio 2019
Ensemble among the vineyards #tuscanymusicrevolution - July 2019 Buonconvento (SI)

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The digital natives could – and this is already true for many of them- no longer need to leave home to work, have fun, love and live and those who do not belong to the millennial generation often have a dystopic vision of the future world.

The dialectic between tangible and virtual poses contradictory questions about man as a social animal. 

The music, and all the art in its noble expressions, is a source of hope for the diehards who build the foundations on it to give meaning and beauty to the social world, still made up of dialogues, meetings, listening and looks. 

The young musicians, understanding the dichotomy of the time, bend it to their purpose by masterfully using digital technologies, both production and reproduction of sounds, and moving in the direction of traditional social life, seeking and creating – where institutional initiatives are scarce – continuing occasions for personal encounters, sharing of experiences and community experimentations of growth and creative enrichment.

In this framework the artistic residencies remain among the experiences with the greatest inspirational value, the close and continuous sharing of physical and mental spaces for several days gives birth to new creative and performing synergies inclusive of the collective experience.

Ensemble in cantina per #tuscanymusicrevolution – Residenza artistica – luglio 2019, Buonconvento (SI)
Ensemble in the basement for #tuscanymusicrevolution – artistic residency – July 2019, Buonconvento (SI)

Virginia Sutera, violinist in Milano, and Ermanno Novali, pianist from Bergamo, meet in the improvisation workshops held at Siena Jazz by pianist Stefano Battaglia.

Today’s musical reality has evolved, young talented improvisational musicians with in-depth training are constantly growing and constantly communicating with each other.

The Duo Sutera Novali begins, which for both musicians combines other different formations, a project focused on instantaneous composition that results from the deep mutual listening, from the common training and research path, from the habit of creating on the emotional thrusts of the performative moment.

Thanks to this experience Sutera and Novali, assisted by the percussionist Lorenzo D’Erasmo and the clarinetist Michele Mazzini, from July 19th to 22th at “Il podere il Terzo” in Buonconvento (Tuscany) organized a residency, named #tuscanymusicrevolution, self-managed and self-financed with a fundraising campaign online. All non-profit and with horizontal and democratic management.

This first edition was attended, in addition to the four organizers by: Andrea Bolzoni, electric guitar; Alberto Braida, piano; Simone di Benedetto, double bass, Federico Calcagno, clarinet; Stefano Grasso, drums; Dudù Kouatè, percussion and singing with Berber guitar; Gabriele Lattuada, percussion; Luca Pissavini, double bass; Salvatore Scucces, vibraphone and Diego Bergamini, sound engineer.

The goal was to enhance and combine experiences, share and compare the different non-idiomatic improvisational approaches, paying attention to both the people and the musician with the aim of forming a community, without leaders, thus bringing together the different young musicians realities of improvisation of the current musical panorama.

The extreme freedom, the spirit of common research, the cohesion both of personal identities and of the group, the urge of confrontation and dialogue, the desire to share and the harmony created have been documented by more than 10 hours of high performance level recordings.

More than 35 freely chosen ensembles were created, from the duo to the ensemble of 14 elements, capable of enhancing the peculiarities of the place by expanding from the main hall to the vineyards and the cellar, where barrels and bottles and the acoustics of the room itself were instruments.
Improvisation ensamble at the artistic residency #tuscanymusicrevolution, July 2019 Buonconvento (SI)

From the exciting results of this first experience it was decided to select from the recordings some tracks, to share the work on digital platforms and then with the publication of a recording album, to share the important work done and that is already evolving in the development of a second, even more articulated, edition.

Inclusion: one of the founding concepts of research and culture of all times and that the younger generations show they don’t forget. 

#tuscanymusicrevolution #podereilterzo #buonconvento 

Monica Carretta 

Improvisation ensamble at the artistic residency #tuscanymusicrevolution – July 2019, Buonconvento (SI)
Improvisation ensamble at the artistic residency #tuscanymusicrevolution – July 2019, Buonconvento (SI)